Course Electives

PLEASE NOTE: Track classes aren’t being offered for the Fall 2014 field school

In addition to the basic training that you get during the AFCOE four-month course, students can receive specialized instruction and mentorship by choosing a more specialized track. Sixteen hours of focused instruction will be available in one of the following three areas:

Advanced Bible Worker
Receive more extensive training in how to awaken spiritual interest, lead small groups, coordinate bridge events, gain decisions with confidence, and teach an evangelism training class in your church that will equip lay members for successful outreach in your community. Learn how to be an efficient, professional Bible worker.

Lay Pastoral
Discover how to clarify your call to ministry, how to understand church dynamics, and be an effective leader of change. Learn how to conduct the special services of a church (dedications, communions, marriages, funerals, anointing services). Those who demonstrate superior ability and desire additional opportunities to preach, will be assigned to local churches requesting an AFCOE speaker on a given Sabbath.

Media Track
In today's fast-paced society, how you present your message is more important than ever. Get ready to learn attention grabbing techniques in this hands-on media course. You'll learn the ins-and-outs of video production, how to create eye-catching graphics, and what it takes to look and sound your best in front of the camera. Whether you're on the road to becoming a media pro or simply looking to sharpen your presentation, this is the track for you!

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