Housing, Meals, and Transportation

Housing is provided for the AFCOE three-month course. It will be in a furnished apartment in Rocklin or Roseville. You are asked to share a bedroom with one other person. Please bring your own toiletries and linens, including towels and bedding for a single bed.

AFCOE to Go does not include housing. We will provide contact suggestions on our website or you may make your own arrangements.

Recreational Vehicles/Campers
Although there are trailer parks in the area, it is normally expensive and difficult to obtain a space. Parking spaces are not available at Amazing Facts sites or at local churches.

Both AFCOE and AFCOE to Go participants are responsible for providing their own meals.

CleanlinessPlease keep your living quarters clean at all times. A vacuum cleaner is available in each apartment. A cleaning deposit of $125 per student will be included in the program fee. These deposits will be partially refundable only if the room is left clean and undamaged. There is also a mandatory California carpet cleaning fee that will be deducted from your deposit. (See "Damage" below.)

We would prefer that each student have a laptop computer. It will be useful in your assignments and outreach projects. No secular, worldly DVDs or downloaded movies should be viewed during your time here.

Each apartment occupant is responsible for damage done to their apartment and will be charged for the cost of repair.

Gas and electricity have been covered in your housing fee.

Pleasant Environment
When sharing an apartment, please do everything possible to be pleasant. Little courtesies go a long way! Don’t neglect them. Please share responsibilities for keeping the apartment clean and respect the personal property and space of your roommates.

Telephones and phone service are the responsibility of the participants.

We ask that you maintain a quiet, studious atmosphere conducive to spiritual thoughts and in harmony with Christian principles. In order to best meet the needs of our program and promote Christian development, we do not allow televisions in the apartments. If you wish to listen to music, please get the consent of your roommates. If necessary, use headphones or keep the volume low. Moreover, all music needs to be in keeping with Christian standards as set forth in Philippians 4:8. Music classified as Christian rock or rap is not appropriate.

Participants are responsible for providing and maintaining their own transportation for class attendance and community outreach activities. It might be possible for students who do not bring their own vehicle to be teamed with those who do. In such instances, these students will pay a transportation fee of $350 to help offset gas and vehicles expenses. This fee is based on current gas prices and is due at registration.

AFCOE to Go - Participants must provide their own transportation.

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