The Exponential Potential
Dec 10 2014 . 3235 views . 0
Gabe and Jen felt the call of God to enter into His vineyard in full-time ministry. In 2007 they attended AFCOE and their lives have not been the same since ...
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The Most Unlikely Bible Student
Jul 24 2014 . 2660 views . 0
Just a few short years ago, no one would have ever thought Lawrence Thompson would be used by God for the glory of His kingdom.
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Called to a Better Work
Feb 27 2014 . 3983 views . 0
Kelly’s life radically changed when he lost his job. But it was all a part of God’s plan and His call to a better work...
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Holding on by Faith
Jul 17 2013 . 3888 views . 0
Does God use ordinary people? Meet Jeremiah, a recent graduate from our school in the Philippines, PAFCOE ...
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God Makes The Way
Mar 14 2013 . 4128 views . 0
When Je Ann felt the call to go to AFCOE she had bills to pay and no money for the the tuition. But God made the way ...
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How God Has Led
Oct 23 2012 . 5147 views . 0
How does a person go from being a computer hacker to a Christian? Brad shares his testimony of the Lord's leading in his life.
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The Lord’s Mighty Plan
Jun 13 2012 . 5016 views . 0
What would cause a successful man to sell his home and everything in it, buy a truck and a camper, pack up his family, and drive over 2,000 miles cross-country? John shares his story of The Lord's Mighty Plan...
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Sharing The Light
Mar 22 2012 . 5789 views . 0
Steven came to AFCOE in the Spring of 2010 hoping to learn how to be a more effective soul-winner. Having gone from gangster, to baker, to theology graduate, and now Youth Pastor, the Lord has indeed brought him a very long way...
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On Fire for God!
Jan 24 2012 . 3681 views . 0
It was hard for Nathan to leave his precious wife and children for 4 months to attend AFCOE, but he knew that God had a plan for him. His adventure was just beginning ...
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Overcoming Shyness
Nov 16 2011 . 6148 views . 0
Can God use shy people? Ask Ashley who came to AFCOE in the spring of 2010 too shy to speak in front of a group. See how God has been using her in His vineyard ...
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Divine Appointments
Sep 15 2011 . 5009 views . 0
When Brandon graduated from AFCOE in the Spring of 2011 he had no idea how soon God was going to put him to work...
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From Prosecutor To Preacher
Jul 27 2011 . 5179 views . 0
When Dave Steward first felt the call of God, he was hesitant to leave his career as a successful prosecuting attorney, but now God is using him to set captives free in Christ rather than locking them up for life.
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Discovering The Call
May 02 2011 . 4990 views . 0
When Carissa decided to attend AFCOE in the spring of 2006 she was hoping to come away with a deeper understanding of the Bible. What she experienced was that, and so much more ...
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Growing Through Ministry
Mar 07 2011 . 3889 views . 0
Brittany Wimberly, a 2009 AFCOE graduate, shares how God changed her life while using her to minister to others.
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Soul Mission
Feb 02 2011 . 3900 views . 0
Since attending AFCOE in 2005, Randrick has not been idle in the Lord's vineyard. Now a full-time missionary, he's been traveling to several countries around the world sharing the story of Jesus.
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A Marriage Sharing a Passion
Dec 20 2010 . 4138 views . 0
Many married individuals attend AFCOE while their spouses work to support the family. That's why Delbert and Ruth Douglass' decision to attend AFCOE together is so exceptional.
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