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December 10, 2014
The Exponential Potential
Gabe and Jen felt the call of God to enter into His vineyard in full-time ministry. In 2007 they attended AFCOE and their lives have not been the same since ...  
July 24, 2014
The Most Unlikely Bible Student
Just a few short years ago, no one would have ever thought Lawrence Thompson would be used by God for the glory of His kingdom.  
February 27, 2014
Called to a Better Work
Kelly’s life radically changed when he lost his job. But it was all a part of God’s plan and His call to a better work...  
July 17, 2013
Holding on by Faith
Does God use ordinary people? Meet Jeremiah, a recent graduate from our school in the Philippines, PAFCOE ...  
March 14, 2013
God Makes The Way
When Je Ann felt the call to go to AFCOE she had bills to pay and no money for the the tuition. But God made the way ...  
October 23, 2012
How God Has Led
How does a person go from being a computer hacker to a Christian? Brad shares his testimony of the Lord's leading in his life.  
June 13, 2012
The Lord’s Mighty Plan
What would cause a successful man to sell his home and everything in it, buy a truck and a camper, pack up his family, and drive over 2,000 miles cross-country? John shares his story of The Lord's Mighty Plan...  
March 22, 2012
Sharing The Light
Steven came to AFCOE in the Spring of 2010 hoping to learn how to be a more effective soul-winner. Having gone from gangster, to baker, to theology graduate, and now Youth Pastor, the Lord has indeed brought him a very long way...  
January 24, 2012
On Fire for God!
It was hard for Nathan to leave his precious wife and children for 4 months to attend AFCOE, but he knew that God had a plan for him. His adventure was just beginning ...  
November 16, 2011
Overcoming Shyness
Can God use shy people? Ask Ashley who came to AFCOE in the spring of 2010 too shy to speak in front of a group. See how God has been using her in His vineyard ...  
September 15, 2011
Divine Appointments
When Brandon graduated from AFCOE in the Spring of 2011 he had no idea how soon God was going to put him to work...  
July 27, 2011
From Prosecutor To Preacher
When Dave Steward first felt the call of God, he was hesitant to leave his career as a successful prosecuting attorney, but now God is using him to set captives free in Christ rather than locking them up for life.  
May 02, 2011
Discovering The Call
When Carissa decided to attend AFCOE in the spring of 2006 she was hoping to come away with a deeper understanding of the Bible. What she experienced was that, and so much more ...  
March 07, 2011
Growing Through Ministry
Brittany Wimberly, a 2009 AFCOE graduate, shares how God changed her life while using her to minister to others.  
February 02, 2011
Soul Mission
Since attending AFCOE in 2005, Randrick has not been idle in the Lord's vineyard. Now a full-time missionary, he's been traveling to several countries around the world sharing the story of Jesus.  
December 20, 2010
A Marriage Sharing a Passion
Many married individuals attend AFCOE while their spouses work to support the family. That's why Delbert and Ruth Douglass' decision to attend AFCOE together is so exceptional.  
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