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Roseville, California

Up until August 31st you can register below and recieve a link to the Amazing Disciples Video Downloads. These will be helpful for sharing the training videos with your church at a later date. Register now to also receive special evangelism discounts at the AF Bookstore—which includes the new AFCOE Amazing Disciples study guide—and more! Click here to register now!

Your Instructors Are:

Doug BatchelorDoug Batchelor is the president of Amazing Facts. Recognized as a convincing, logical biblical speaker, visionary leader, and dedicated soul-winner, Pastor Doug’s passion is to reveal Christ and the plan of salvation through Scripture. “Ask the Pastor” is a favorite class of AFCOE students, as they tap into his years of experience answering difficult Bible questions.
Jean RossJëan Ross is the vice-president of the ministry’s evangelism department. Along with Pastor Doug Batchelor, he co-hosts the popular radio program Bible Answers Live. He is also the creator of the Empowered Church Program, a dynamic resource that helps churches establish an ongoing evangelism cycle, and leads a fast-growing church plant in the Sacramento area. His insightful presentations on church health, evangelism, Bible prophecy, and practical godliness are inspiring and engaging.
Chuck HoltryChuck Holtry is the director of AFCOE. His many years of experience as a classroom teacher and on the road as an Amazing Facts evangelist bring a wealth of inspiration and information to aspiring gospel workers seeking real-world training at AFCOE. Chuck thoroughly enjoys teaching and helping students prepare for, execute, and follow-up a successful evangelistic campaign.
Carissa McSherryCarissa McSherry is the assistant director at AFCOE. She has tremendous, extensive experience as a Bible worker, youth leader, foreign missionary, and as a speaker for multiple evangelistic series. She has also served as a social worker and in family and troubled-teen counseling. Along with a special passion for reaching young people and pointing them to Christ, Carissa enjoys sharing the gospel in every aspect of life and helping others to experience the joy of soul-winning.
Marshall McKenzieMarshall McKenzie is the Director of Publishing for Amazing Facts and has 18 years of ministry experience that include pastoring, evangelism, publishing and international missions work. Marshall’s work over the years has enabled him to communicate His love for biblical truth through preaching, teaching, and discipleship. His desire to prepare generations for the imminent return of Christ is his greatest joy and is seen clearly in each presentation.
The Seminar Schedule Is:

Divine Commission– Carissa McSherry
Personal Preparation (Our Greatest Need) – Doug Batchelor

Cycle of Evangelism – Jëan Ross
Christ’s Method Alone – Chuck Holtry
Friendship Evangelism, Part 1– Carissa McSherry
Evangelism Q & A Panel– All Speakers

Friendship Evangelism, Part 2 – Carissa McSherry
Giving Bible Studies, Part 1 – Chuck Holtry

Giving Bible Studies, Part 2 – Chuck Holtry
Nurturing New Believers – Marshall McKenzie

Gospel Presentation– Marshall McKenzie
Reclaiming Missing Members – Jëan Ross

Answering Objections – Doug Batchelor
Gaining Decisions – Carissa McSherry

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