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A Marriage Sharing a Passion

Posted on December 20, 2010
A Marriage Sharing a Passion

Many married individuals attend AFCOE while their spouses work to support the family. Indeed, the intensive course doesn't really allow time for students to work; they are immersed in Bible learning and sharing from the start.

That's why Delbert and Ruth Douglass' decision to attend AFCOE together is so exceptional. Their faith was tested from the beginning—financially and personally. But through the hardships, it is easy to see that the sacrifice has been worth it. After an injury that kept Delbert from regular work, an event they believe was divine providence, the couple heard about AFCOE through Amazing Facts promotional material.

Since being married, the couple has always wanted to do evangelistic work, and AFCOE was an important step in reaching that goal. However, struggle with debt and other life issues made the prospect of attending doubtful. But with constant prayer and faith, God provided a way for them. They soon found themselves at the AFCOE doorstep ready to learn more about the Bible's most treasured doctrines.

For them, special instruction in personal evangelism by humble and faithful AFCOE teachers has been the greatest benefit. "The have such a wonderful closeness to God. They show how to relate to people and reach their hearts." The couple also enjoyed the unity and spirit associated with AFCOE. "We did a lot of praying together and sharing together," says Delbert. Such closeness is hard to find elsewhere.

The impact on other facets of their lives has been invaluable. Ruth believes that the program has strengthened their marriage. "Because we often study together, our bond is definitely stronger."

The Lord blessed this couple throughout their AFCOE experience, providing for them at every turn. They then stepped out in faith to become Bible workers for Jesus. "Our purpose is to form a team to fight for souls." They also feel that anyone who wants to pursue a similar dream should contact Amazing Facts. Delbert believes that one of the greatest mission fields is America, next door or at work. "Churches are realizing we need a great change in our country." Delbert knows AFCOE can help meet this need. "We wouldn't trade this for anything. We couldn't get this anywhere else."

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