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Discovering The Call

Posted on May 02, 2011
Discovering The Call
A multitude of factors influenced my decision to attend AFCOE in Spring 2006. These included my quest to understand prophecy, desire to know how to give Bible studies, need for resources on how to lead youth ministries, and a thirst for the ability to "give a reason for the hope that is in me." Although I did in fact fulfill all of these objectives during my four months at AFCOE, I walked away with something far more rewarding than I had imagined: a deeper, more precious love for God and earnest desire to live faithfully for Him.

I vividly remember participating in AFCOE outreach one cool April morning. A strong feeling impressed me to drop by the cramped apartment of one of my AFCOE Bible study contacts - little realizing how life-changing the next few moments would be. The overwhelming stench of marijuana filled the air as I walked through a crowd of bystanders - their faces revealing their surprise at seeing a "Christian girl" in that neighborhood. From the moment that Anna* opened the door, I knew something was wrong. A great cloud of depression seemed to have enveloped her.

Anna had been sitting in her living room contemplating the best way to end her life when I knocked on her door. I immediately began to comfort her, prayed with her, and shared Scripture promises. It felt so right for me to be there encouraging her and pointing her to Jesus. Weeks later, as I watched Anna being immersed in the watery grave of baptism, I finally realized what my calling was. God used this experience at AFCOE to show me how He wants to use me as a counselor to reach souls for His kingdom. Because of this, I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Biblical counseling and looking forward to seeing what plans God has in store.

AFCOE is truly far more than just a Bible school; it is more than just a four month commitment. It is a tool, used by God, to completely revolutionize hundreds of lives - including mine. Every class pointed me to Christ, focused my mind on the cross, and taught me how to share my faith with others. Because of AFCOE, I have discovered my calling, been equipped to preach at four evangelistic series, lead youth & young adult programs, organize church outreach efforts, give hundreds of Bible studies, share the "good news" with friends at secular campuses, and minister through foreign mission work. God is using AFCOE in mighty ways to impact our world - and consequently, the lives of hundreds of people just like me...

* Name changed.
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