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From Prosecutor To Preacher

Posted on July 27, 2011
From Prosecutor To Preacher
For 15 years I was satisfied working as a prosecuting attorney in California courts. But God had other plans for my life.

After I saw Jesus Christ in a new light and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior in the middle of a rave dance party, God called me to be a full-time soul winner. For several years I tried to ignore the call, but it would not go away! To reach the point of prosecuting gangland murderers had required a lot of work and dedication, and I was not anxious to give up all that I had achieved.

However, in 2007 God was urging me to defend His law instead of man’s law and to set captives free in Christ rather than locking them up for life. So I agreed to put down the sword of the state and pick up the sword of the Spirit.

I knew that to be an effective soul winner, I would need training from successful and experienced soul winners. Here were my criteria for a Bible training school:
  1. Sound theological instruction, including from the books of Daniel and Revelation

  2. Practical training in giving Bible studies and public evangelism

  3. A program long enough to train me—but not so long as to require years of my time

  4. Good job placement.

AFCOE has met all these criteria and more! I learned how to write and give Bible studies, especially on end-time prophecies, and to make effective appeals for people to commit to Christ and His present truth. As an added bonus, I loved the Christian fellowship of gifted and caring teachers and students.

I am now working full time as an Amazing Facts evangelist, sharing the good news of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. I could not be happier as so many souls have consecrated their lives to Christ!

One of the classes I took at AFCOE was how to organize and manage a Bible conference for lay people. After the class was over, I was overwhelmed and remember thinking, “Wow! It’s so much work. I could never be involved with something like that!” But again, God had other plans. My friend Calvin Kim invited me to be the president of ARME Bible Camp, which hosts Bible conferences designed to make the Bible come alive and to lead people to a deeper experience with God through Bible study and united prayer.

I am so thankful for the training I received at AFCOE to share God’s end-time message at Amazing Facts prophecy seminars and to revive God’s people at ARME Bible Camps!
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