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Divine Appointments

Posted on September 15, 2011
Divine Appointments
We left Sacramento Thursday night after AFCOE graduation and set out for our trip back to Pennsylvania.

In the mountains somewhere in California, our engine caught on fire. I was able to put it out and let the engine cool down, and we then set out on our way again. This worked for a few more hours until we arrived in Arizona and had to go up some more monstrous mountains. The car just could not take it—we blew a rod or bearing or something in the engine. We could make it no further.

We had planned to see the Grand Canyon on the way home, and we were about 38 miles outside of our first destination, Williams, Arizona. We had the car towed to our hotel and began to look at options—a new engine, shipping the trailer we were pulling, etc. Everything we considered would have added $4,000 more than what had planned in expenses. However, we could do nothing until Tuesday because it was Memorial Day weekend. So we simply put everything in God’s hands.

We called a bunch of churches for some sort of assistance, but nobody could really help. On Sabbath morning, we praised God and thanked Him for having control and putting us there for some reason. We went for a walk later that day. I remembered I had grabbed a bunch of literature at Doug Batchelor’s church. So we decided to go door-to-door and simply offer prayer for people. I led us through the first couple of houses, but then we saw some people on the street. I told my wife, Jessica, that it was her turn. She walked right up to them and said, "Hi! We’re Seventh-day Adventists. We couldn’t go to church today so we decided to go out and pray for the community.”

As we talked and prayed, they confessed that they had been convicted of the “Sabbath rest,” as they called it, and had been practicing it since January. They said, “We think you are an answer to prayer. Our church meets Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop, and we think they really need to hear this. Would you please come tell us about the Sabbath rest?”

I said, “Let me think … of course!”

The next day, they came to pick us up at our hotel and took us to the coffee shop. It was a meeting for a Bible study for a non-denominational church. They prayed for us and allowed us to talk at the end, and many people stuck around to hear us. By the grace of God, I was able to share the Sabbath truth with a Sunday church instead of being somewhere else across the country as we had planned. We were able to use so much of what we learned at AFCOE to answer their questions and objections.

One gentleman had to leave due to another appointment. I offered him a copy of the Great Controversy. He said, “No. I just want to study on my own.” A little later as I was talking with the rest of the group, he snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear, “I think I will take that book. I really think it would help. Please leave it for me.” Many more of them were so eager to hear these truths.

It was a clear divine appointment!

Our new friends, the ones we met on the street, invited us to dinner that night and we got a chance to minister to them more. They were so ripe for information; they were interested in health and anything else God put in my and my wife’s mouth. We explained to them that we were here to see the Grand Canyon but clearly God had something “more grand” in mind. Later that night, they called us up and offered to take us to the Grand Canyon the next day, which is about an hour away from town. God gave us an entire day to minister to these people.

It is funny—God didn’t wait until I got to my church to put me to work; He broke my engine and put us to work right then. We had family members on their way to rescue us and take us back to Pennsylvania, but I was half tempted to tell them to turn around so I could continue God’s work where He put us.

God has people waiting to hear the truth, we just need to get out and find them.
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