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The Lord’s Mighty Plan

Posted on June 13, 2012
The Lord’s Mighty Plan
As I look back now, I believe the Lord had been calling me to the ministry for many years. Everywhere I turned, neighbors and friends would ask, “So what church do you pastor?”—even though I wasn’t a pastor!

In fact, I was too busy with life to stop and think about serving the Lord full time. I built a beautiful house out in the country for my wife Cathy and our daughter, and we were enjoying the quiet rural life. I was a maintenance director for a nursing home in Tennessee and had a handyman business on the side. I enjoyed my work and did not feel the need to change anything.

However, our daughter Emma has always wanted to be a missionary. One year, she got very sick and was in the hospital for 10 days before Christmas. On the eighth day in the hospital, the doctors told us they did not think she would live through the night. It was a huge shock for my wife and me; we were devastated. That night, we prayed and cried out for the Lord to spare her life, and we rededicated her and ourselves to Him and His service as a family.

The Lord had a mighty plan for our family.

The next morning, doctors were finally able to diagnose her and gave her the medication she needed. She got well so fast, we went home Christmas Eve, praising the Lord for His mercy and for seeing fit to answer the prayer of our hearts.

That Christmas had brought the three of us to our knees and pushed us to look to the Lord for His will in our lives. We were so thankful for what He had done for us; now we sought after what He was calling us to do. My wife and I began to talk about what is really important in life. We also knew we had a daughter who wanted to be a missionary, so we knew we’d better start being a living example of followers for Christ.

At the time, we had good friends who were attending AFCOE. They were filling us in weekly as to how things were going and what they were learning. They told us about their Bible studies, and the door-to-door work grabbed our hearts. Their enthusiasm was what we needed to make a total commitment. After much prayer, I decided to apply to AFCOE.

There were many obstacles, but I knew the Lord was calling me. We prayed and put all of the problems we had at His feet and trusted in His leading. In faith, we decided to sell the house, sell everything in the house, and buy a truck and camper. We then travelled all the way across the United State to California to attend AFCOE. Everyone thought we were crazy!

Disappointment and Dedication
Well, the house did not sell right away, and we did not make it to the AFCOE session I wanted to attend. As disappointing as it was, I’m thankful the Lord has His timing; His plans are always best!

Our friends at AFCOE and the compassionate AFCOE staff were praying for this family from Tennessee to sell their place to be able to attend the next session. Praise God, our house finally did sell and we attended the very next session!

AFCOE has changed my life; it has changed my family’s life. The teaching, training, and the knowledge I have learned at AFCOE have helped to lead many souls to Christ. I am humbled and thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be part of a ministry whose main desire is to train others to seek the lost.

I am currently a Bible worker and associate pastor with the Granite Bay church plant in California. I am able to use all the skills and training I learned at AFCOE to lead others to Jesus. By God’s grace, our daughter is presently attending college and wants to be a nurse mission pilot. My wife is also working in the health ministry at Weimar Center of Health & Education.

Our family is working together to serve the Lord in full-time ministry. We see why He allowed our daughter to become sick … because all things do work together for good!
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