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God Makes The Way

Posted on March 14, 2013
God Makes The Way
In the summer of 2011, I prayed that God would open doors for me in ministry where I had never been before. I asked Him to expand my territory. Little did I know the exciting journey that my prayer would bring!

I was at Redwood Camp Meeting singing for several concerts when I saw a flyer for AFCOE to Go. My heart began to burn within me. I felt the Holy Spirit drawing me to attend, but it looked impossible! I had missed three weeks of work that summer singing at several camp meetings and couldn’t believe I still had a job. I just didn’t see how it could be possible for me to go, but I asked the Lord to take care of all of my shifts at work that week if He wanted me to go … and guess what? He did! By a miracle I was off to AFCOE!

At AFCOE to Go, I learned so much and my heart was overflowing with God’s love. What I was learning and the worship I was experiencing stirred my heart such that I began to yearn to go to the AFCOE four-month program. The thought of going back to my regular work actually made me feel empty. I just didn’t see how I could ever be satisfied working in the world anymore—I desired to only work for God!

With this desire, I got on my knees and cried to the Lord that if it was His will for me to go to AFCOE, He would make the way. I told Jesus that I wanted to go serve the Bread of Life and be a kingdom builder and for Him to take care of all of my needs. I had many obstacles in the way, but God is more powerful than any obstacle! I had my job that He was going to have to take care of, but I would have to step out in faith and leave with many bills needing to be paid and no job to pay them! I had no money for the cost of the program.

God Provided Everything that I Needed!
It was Thursday evening and AFCOE started the following Monday; I wasn’t registered and had no money for registration, nor did I have a place to stay. On top of that, I had been married only a few months and my husband would be without me. I asked God to speak to my husband’s heart and impress him that I needed to go. When I began to tell him about AFCOE he told me that I needed to go! And somehow, someway, God would work it out! And God did! Miracle after miracle, God provided everything that I needed!

Going to AFCOE was life changing! God put a deep compassion in my heart to seek souls for God’s kingdom and to make eternal friends for Christ. AFCOE helped me fall even deeper in love with Jesus and His Word—and that nothing is more important than having an intimate personal relationship with Jesus every day. AFCOE also taught me the sacred truths of the sanctuary message and what it means to all humanity! I learned in detail the three angels’ messages and the 2,300-day prophecy … and how to explain and share these messages. I have used the training I received to write sermons and speak in many churches. I thank AFCOE for equipping me with the tools to go out and work effectively in God’s vineyard! It is the best work of all!

I am currently using what I learned at AFCOE in my position as a Bible instructor at Sacramento Central Church. By the grace of God and my AFCOE training, 10 precious souls have given their lives to the Lord with many more on their way! I have also trained church members to be effective soul winners for Jesus and am involved in nurturing every soul that God puts in my path!

Do you want to fall more in love with Jesus? Do you want to have that fire lit within you to go light the world for Christ? Do you want spiritual revival? Do you want to be a warrior for Jesus and need the armor to fight for Him in the battle? Do you want to learn Scripture and have it written upon your heart? Do you thirst for the Living Water? Are you hungry for the Bread of Life? Do you long to be a soul winner for Jesus? Do you want to understand God’s Word and be able to explain it clearly? Do you want to learn how to study God’s Word effectively and use it to help others? Do you want to learn how to speak like Elijah—with power? Do you want to vindicate God’s character and be a witness for Him?

Do you long to work in God’s vineyard and make a difference for eternity? Then you need to go to AFCOE. It will change your life!
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