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Called to a Better Work

Posted on February 27, 2014
Called to a Better Work
When I was only 18 years old, God rescued me from a dangerous life of drugs and alcohol by sending a truth-filled teenager to witness to me—arresting my conscience and drawing my attention to Christ in a most powerful way.

This young Bible worker led my best friend and I deep into the Bible using the Amazing Facts Study Guides. After my baptism, under the leadership of my pastor, the Lord quickly led me to participate in street ministry, evangelistic efforts, Bible work, and preaching.

God blessed me with the privilege of leading an active ministry of youth and young adults in the late 90s. Along the way, I prayed continually that God would allow me to be in full-time ministry, but it seemed as if it would never happen. Then unexpectedly, in 2009, God impressed me to attend the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE).

I had been living in the country with my wife and daughter, employed in the field of marketing. While I was active in our local church, I worked full-time and had no intentions of going anywhere else. When God impressed me to go to AFCOE, I kindly told Him that it would be impossible to leave my job and house for four months to attend school. And I didn’t have the money to pay for it. However, God impressed me to pray and fast for His guidance and instruction, so I did …

Three Things
During the next 30 days, God communicated to me that He was going to change three things: where I work, where I live, and where I worship. A Friday was the last day of my fast, and on that day I was called into the office and laid off from my job. Shortly after, our family had to move because we could no longer afford to live in the country. And because of the move, which led us three hours away, we no longer could attend the same church.

God did exactly what He said He would do and totally changed our lives in a very short time. During the six months in which I was laid off, God prepared my family and me for AFCOE. He even confirmed that we were going by answering a very specific prayer for funds to help me pay for the training.
Attending AFCOE was a major highlight in my life. It confirmed what I had learned from experience and gave me a great deal of effective outreach methods and knowledge that otherwise I would have never known.

AFCOE equipped me for ministry more than I could have imagined. Not only did the classes provide me the opportunity to review our church’s unique Bible truths, which I had been learning and teaching for the past 20 years, it also taught me more effective ways of witnessing, Bible study, teaching, preaching, and evangelism. I know for a fact that I would not be acquainted with such effective methods of personal and public evangelism had I not attended AFCOE. It also sparked a revival in my spiritual life, as my instructors focused heavily on having a connection with Christ more than anything else.

Called by God
Shortly after graduation, I got a call to do some revival work in Vienna, Austria, which was a major blessing. We had never been to Europe before. A church paid for my family to go and minister to them, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. After returning to California, I began to work in Northern California as a Bible worker. After working for two different churches, I got a call to do Bible work with an evangelist in Hawaii for his upcoming series on the island of Kauai.

Working there was another tremendous blessing for my family. Again, I was able to use the skills that God blessed me with at AFCOE. My ministry was greatly enhanced because of the specialized knowledge from this training. While working in Hawaii, I got a call from Pastor Ivor Myers with an invitation to work on an upcoming project called Operation Blueprint. I accepted and am now the assistant director of Operation Blueprint in Central California, working in San Francisco where we’ll be doing a citywide evangelistic series about the sanctuary in the summer of 2014.

Again, I’ve been using many aspects of my AFCOE training even in this position. I thank God that He prompted me to attend AFCOE because it has changed my life and my ministry for the better, affording me opportunities to be in full-time ministry with my wife Carla and our daughter Eliya.

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