The Big Job Offer
October 7 2015 . 719 views . 0
You are sitting on pins and needles waiting for a life-changing phone call. You’ve been interviewed for a job opening and are dying to get hired. Your hands are sweaty and your heart is beating rapidly. Suddenly, the call comes. You answer the phone and the voice on the other end says to you…
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Death’s Embrace
October 1 2015 . 430 views . 0
God is calling us to look beyond the grave, for there stands Jesus. In their resurrected glory, His children will once again unite. No trace of death or pain will be seen on the faces reflecting their Father's love. Eternity basking in the presence of Him whose love has set us free! ... This is our reality!
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Whom Shall I Send?
May 6 2015 . 1518 views . 0
Who does God call into ministry for Him? Is it only the well spoken, the educated, the wealthy, or those with great influence? Our new series on witnessing is just beginning!
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