The (New) Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism

For almost 2 decades, the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) has been helping people from all walks of life seize the opportunity to be transformed by Christ and to be equipped to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).

The Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) is thrilled to announce the return of our complete course at the all-new W.O.R.D. Center in Granite Bay, California. Join Pastor Doug Batchelor and other experienced soul-winners this fall for three months of dynamic, fun, and empowering outreach training

Don’t wait any longer! Isn’t it your turn to be a better soul winner?

Into all the world!
The W.O.R.D. Center
AFCOE Classes
Prophecy Odyssey - Manhattan Missionary! Prophecy Odyssey!
Come work in the world’s most exciting missionary jungle …
Distribute Literature
Distribute Literature
Do music and medical ministry on the streets of Manhattan!
Do music and medical ministry on the streets of Manhattan!
Try some REAL street preaching
Try some REAL street preaching
Reins on my Life
In the evening, you’ll attend the Prophecy Odyssey evangelistic programs, which will be broadcast from the Manhattan Center to the entire world.
This missionary trip to NY is included in your AFCOE enrollment.
Statute of Liberty
New York City
City of Manhattan
Statue of Liberty, The Intrepid Battleship, American Museum of Natural History, 9/11 Memorial, Times Square ... and more!

For more details please read through the AFCOE Student Handbook posted below:

While training at AFCOE, you’ll learn to …

  • Start and grow your own ministry
  • Speak persuasively in public settings and lead small groups
  • Develop a vibrant devotional life
  • Identify your specific calling in ministry
  • Confidently share your faith with others—anytime, anywhere
  • Persuasively present the Gospel & the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation
  • Assess the physical and emotional needs of contacts
  • Point people to God’s work in the heavenly sanctuary
  • Winsomely answer difficult Bible questions
  • Organize an evangelistic series and preach it for an overseas mission trip (additional costs)
  • Utilize the latest technology to present Bible truth dynamically
  • Participate in a globally broadcast prophecy seminar
  • and much more!

Faculty and Guest Speakers

You can feel confident that your class time will be led by a team of successful and experienced soul winners and mentors who care about your future in God’s work.
Doug Batchelor - President

Doug Batchelor

is president of Amazing Facts International and the Senior Pastor of the Granite Bay Hilltop SDA Church. Recognized as a rational biblical speaker, visionary leader, and dedicated soul-winner, Pastor Doug shares a passion to reveal Christ and the plan of salvation through Scripture. “Ask the pastor” is a favorite class of AFCOE students, as they tap into Pastor Doug’s years of experience in answering Bible questions.
Jëan Ross – Vice President of Evangelism

Jëan Ross

serves as the Vice President of Evangelism at Amazing Facts International. Pastor Jëan is the cohost of the popular radio program Bible Answers Live. After 18 years in pastoral and lay-evangelism training, he created the Empowered Church Program—a dynamic resource that helps local churches prepare for public evangelism events. His presentations on church health, evangelism, Bible prophecy, and practical godliness are inspiring and engaging.
Carlos Muñoz – AFCOE Director

Carlos Muñoz

serves as Director at AFCOE and is an associate speaker for Amazing Facts. As a young man, Carlos lived for the pleasures of this world, but he felt empty and without purpose until he surrendered all to Jesus. While serving in New York City as a bilingual teacher, his love for Christ and His Word grew. Carlos is passionate about sharing Bible truths through prophecy seminars and training churches in evangelism.
Daniel Hudgens – AFCOE Instructor

Daniel Hudgens

serves as Assistant Director at AFCOE and a graphic designer in the Amazing Facts marketing department. Daniel grew up fascinated by the fictional battles between superheroes and villains on TV and in comic books—leading to deep questions. He finally found answers in the Bible, which revealed the true war between good and evil. Daniel has since dedicated his life to sharing the truths of Scripture and equipping churches through revivals, evangelism training, and prophecy seminars.
Martin Kim – AFCOE Instructor

Martin Kim

serves as the outreach coordinator for AFCOE and is an associate speaker for Amazing Facts. He co-founded 24/7 United Prayer, a worldwide prayer ministry that fosters revival and transformation. He is passionate about prayer, revival, and equipping others for the imminent return of Jesus. The following quote sums up best his passion for prayer: "When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works.”
Dakota Day – AFCOE Instructor

Dakota Day

serves as outreach coordinator for AFCOE and is an associate speaker for Amazing Facts. As a young man, Dakota was searching for a purpose. Unsatisfied with the things this world had to offer, his search ultimately led him to the Bible and a relationship with Christ. Dakota responded to the Lord’s calling by attending AFCOE. After graduating AFCOE, Dakota spent three years as Bible worker. Soon after Dakota joined the evangelism team at Amazing Facts. For over 5 years, Dakota and his wife have been traveling conducting public evangelistic series helping thousands to be prepared for Christ’s soon return.
Cathy Quedzuweit – AFCOE Instructor

Cathy Quedzuweit

serves as AFCOE Registrar and is originally from Long Island NY. Wrapped up in the world and living life she decided there had to be more to life then bars and selfish gain. She met her SDA husband John on a blind date and they studied the Amazing Facts lessons on almost every date they had, she was baptized on her birthday and they married a year later. John attended AFCOE in 2006 and Cathy helped organize the children’s program for the AFCOE evangelist series. John is the Granite Bay Hilltop Outreach Pastor. Cathy also serves as the Executive Assistant in Evangelism for Pastor Ross.
AFCOE also engages guest instructors who have excelled in their ministry fields, giving you a wider breadth of outreach knowledge.
Bible Study Group

God Is Calling You!

AFCOE offers everything you’ve been looking for in an outreach training program. You’ll gain the confidence to talk with new people and make positive, life-changing Christian conversation. You’ll make lasting friendships with likeminded people of faith from around the world. You’ll increase your knowledge of the Bible to help you be all that God wants you to be. But the greatest value you’ll experience at AFCOE is seeing souls saved in the kingdom as a result of your “class work”! So join the hundreds of graduates who are now making an impact all around the globe.

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