AFCOE Mission

AFCOE Mission

The Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism has incredible training opportunities for anyone who wants to become a dynamic and effective soul-winner. We'll equip you with the tools and courage you need to reach any soul for Christ at any time, no matter your current background in evangelism.

Today, graduates from AFCOE are working for the Lord in nations all around the world and in their local communities, leading people to the truth of Jesus Christ. You could be one of them!

Our Mission: Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15).
AFCOE trains and equips clergy and lay people in all aspects of evangelistic ministry. We believe that all Christians are called by God to share His saving love and truth with others. So we provide quick, thorough, and affordable training that enables graduates to make a difference in the lives of the lost and in the calling of the church.

“One worker who has been trained and educated for the work, who is controlled by the Spirit of Christ, will accomplish far more than ten laborers who go out deficient in knowledge, and weak in the faith. One who works in harmony with the counsel of God, and in unity with the brethren, will be more efficient to  do good, than ten will be who do not realize the necessity of depending upon God, and of acting in harmony with the general plan of the work” (Evangelism, p. 109).

Today God needs committed frontline soldiers. We believe God is calling people like you to serve. Are you ready?

Training Programs
Our Center of Evangelism offers several in-depth training programs so that just about anyone with any schedule and budget can get the training they need to be a better witness. In all AFCOE courses, you can expect enthusiastic, skilled instructors with years of experience in practical, effective evangelism—as well as insights from Pastor Doug Batchelor and many other evangelism experts!
  • AFCOE Complete Course
    At our complete evangelism program (approximately 14 weeks), pastors and lay people, young and old, will benefit from intense and practical training. We cover a broad range of topics, including counseling, personal evangelism, public evangelism, preaching, and much more. Students also get hands-on experience in Bible studies, community outreach, and evangelistic prophecy seminars! Click here for more about the complete course
  • AFCOE to Go
    This three-to-four day seminar covers topics such as friendship evangelism, gospel presentation, answering objections, reclaiming lost members, cycle of evangelism, and more. For the busy professional or student who can't attend our three-month course! Watch for news on upcoming courses!
  • AFCOE Online (The Amazing Disciples eCourse)
    As an online student, you’ll be able to study from home, learn at any time, and become a confident, effective soul winner in your community—or wherever God calls you to be His amazing disciple! Your training will focus on Jesus’ own method of evangelism, giving Bible studies, answering objections, conducting church prophecy seminars, finding and leading seekers from interests to baptism—but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll learn, gain, and experience! Sign up here.
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